Urban Chaos: Riot Response Review


If you want to feel like a badass cop and kill a ton of bad guys than Urban Chaos: Riot Response is the game for you. A hidden gem from the sixth-generation era of consoles.

Hyper Bounce Blast Review

Hyper Bounce Blast Review

Hyper Bounce Blast on Steam is an interesting game from Flump Studios, featuring a mix of shmup and bullet hell twin stick shooters, with a bit of platforming. But is it any good?

Tyrian 2000 Review


Tyrian 2000 is a shoot-em-up packed with content and diversity. It never gets stale and is always throwing something new at you which always keeps it interesting.

Hard Reset Redux Review


You get to strafe around and shoot a ton of robots. If that sounds like fun then this may be the game for you.

Playing with ADHD – It’s not a disorder


Can ADHD affect your life as a gamer? Mike shares his experience with the condition and how outsiders just don’t understand it. “It’s not a disorder”.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Review


Depending on what you want out of an Uncharted game, Uncharted 4 may deliver or disappoint. If the goal of this game was to provide the ultimate cinematic video game experience, it succeeded.

Doom Review


Doom is a rewarding and refreshing experience. The combat is fast and fluid with a sense of progression that keeps you addicted to the gameplay. While the multiplayer is nothing special, SnapMap should keep players coming back for years.

Saints Row 2 Review


Saints Row 2 is for people who enjoy fun and over the top games. There’s plenty of content to keep you coming back but even with all of its high points it can reach some serious low points thanks to technical issues.

Grand Theft Auto III Review


A revolutionary game that will go down in history as a classic. Grand Theft Auto III changed the video game world and pretty much defined the open world sandbox genre. Even though it’s dated in many aspects it still holds up today and is just as enjoyable as it was back in 2001.

After Burner II (Sega Saturn) Review


If you want to play a challenging, high speed, action game then After Burner II is for you. The only bummer about this console port is that it’s missing the awesome cockpit the arcade game was famous for.

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