IS Defense Review


IS Defense can be considered a spiritual sequel to the Beach Head games. In this modern take you fend off waves of ISIS terrorists as they launch an invasion upon the shores of Europe in the politically-fictional year 2020.

Deadstorm Pirates Review


A flawed but fun game and the best in the Time Crisis: Razing Storm collection.

Time Crisis: Razing Storm & Time Crisis 4 Review


Time Crisis: Razing Storm could have been so much more and even combined on the same disk with Time Crisis 4 doesn’t make up for either game’s shortcomings like being extremely short in length. Third game on the disk, Deadstorm Pirates, was reviewed separately.

Shadow Complex Remastered Review


A ”Metroidvania” style game where you explore a large facility and need to obtain weapons and upgrades to progress through previously inaccessible areas. It’s actually quite impressive for what was originally an Xbox Live Arcade game.

Sinistar Review


A lovable yet frustrating space ship shooter.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response Review


If you want to feel like a badass cop and kill a ton of bad guys than Urban Chaos: Riot Response is the game for you. A hidden gem from the sixth-generation era of consoles.

Hyper Bounce Blast Review

Hyper Bounce Blast Review

Hyper Bounce Blast on Steam is an interesting game from Flump Studios, featuring a mix of shmup . bullet hell, and twin stick shooter, with a bit of platforming. But is it any good?

Tyrian 2000 Review


Tyrian 2000 is a shoot-em-up packed with content and diversity. It never gets stale and is always throwing something new at you which always keeps it interesting.

Hard Reset Redux Review


You get to strafe around and shoot a ton of robots. If that sounds like fun then this may be the game for you.

Playing with ADHD – It’s not a disorder


Can ADHD affect your life as a gamer? Mike shares his experience with the condition and how outsiders just don’t understand it. “It’s not a disorder”.

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