Doom Review


Doom is a rewarding and refreshing experience. The combat is fast and fluid with a sense of progression that keeps you addicted to the gameplay. While the multiplayer is nothing special, SnapMap should keep players coming back for years.

Saints Row 2 Review


Saints Row 2 is for people who enjoy fun and over the top games. There’s plenty of content to keep you coming back but even with all of its high points it can reach some serious low points thanks to technical issues.

Grand Theft Auto III Review


A revolutionary game that will go down in history as a classic. Grand Theft Auto III changed the video game world and pretty much defined the open world sandbox genre. Even though it’s dated in many aspects it still holds up today and is just as enjoyable as it was back in 2001.

After Burner II (Sega Saturn) Review


If you want to play a challenging, high speed, action game then After Burner II is for you. The only bummer about this console port is that it’s missing the awesome cockpit the arcade game was famous for.

Ghost Squad Review


Light gun games are awesome and Ghost Squad is really cool. Sadly, it’s way too short and a few more additional missions could have done the game wonders. Still, there’s some good fun to be had here.

Fallout 4 Review


Fallout 4 is an action-RPG with a ridiculous amount of in-game customization. The detailed, post-apocalyptic world of Boston is fun to explore and the main story actually kept me engaged. The few drawbacks it does have are not enough to keep players from investing several hundred hours into the game.

Heretic: Shadow of the Serpent Riders Review


Heretic is a first-person shooter running on the Doom engine with a dark fantasy coat of paint but that doesn’t make it a cheap Doom clone. With a revolutionary inventory system, unique weapons, excellent level design, and mythological creatures that you can turn into bloody chunks, Heretic is a classic.

Aliens: Colonial Marines Review


Aliens: Colonial Marines is a very generic and terribly written first-person shooter. It looks, sounds, and feels like Aliens but, sadly, it is nowhere near as good as the movie or even any good FPS games. It’s functional and that’s about it.

Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara Review


A fun beat-em-up published by Capcom that’s easy to pick up and play. You get two arcade games in one package with surprisingly deep combat for the genre. With up to four player co-op, branching paths, and plenty of characters to choose from, this game is rich with content that any fan of beat-em-ups or Dungeons & Dragons should enjoy.

Broforce Review


In no way does Broforce take itself seriously. What it does do is pay respect to the action movie genre in an awesome fashion. Blast your way through thousands of bad guys, aliens, and demons, on a mission to save the world.

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