Spawn: In the Demon’s Hand Review


This game has a lot of problems and yet it’s the best Spawn game to date. It has some great stuff going on but it’s marred by unbalanced characters and cheap design.

Diablo Review


Work your way down to Hell in this groundbreaking, now classic, action RPG. Yeah, it has problems but there’s still something special about it. It’s the first game in a series that is beloved by millions.

MadWorld Review


An extremely violent and vulgar game, MadWorld strives on its violent gameplay to create a unique and truly hilarious experience. It’s just a shame that the controls often hold it back from being even better.

Half-Life Review


A classic first-person shooter with incredible level design and fun gameplay that really immerses you into it’s world.

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn: The Video Game Review


Spawn for the Super Nintendo is pretty bad. It starts out well enough but quickly takes a nosedive into bullshit. There are far better beat ’em up games from the 16-bit era.

Batman: Arkham Knight Review


An amazing open world game with staggering detail and a truly engaging story supported by an ensemble cast of voice actors. Even with piss-poor DLC, Batman: Arkham Knight is an incredible game that should satisfy even the most dedicated Batman fans.

POSTAL 2: Paradise Lost Review


Paradise Lost is one of the best video game expansions in a while. It carries over all the flaws from POSTAL 2 but still manages to stay humorous and fun throughout.

POSTAL & POSTAL Redux Review


The precursor to the popular POSTAL 2, POSTAL is where it all started. The Redux version doesn’t breathe new life into the game but it’s definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed the original.

Choplifter HD Review


Fly helicopters through various environments rescuing people, shooting enemies, and dodging attacks. Choplifter HD is a repetitive but fun little game that can keep you hooked if you get into it.

IS Defense Review


IS Defense can be considered a spiritual sequel to the Beach Head games. In this modern take you fend off waves of ISIS terrorists as they launch an invasion upon the shores of Europe in the politically-fictional year 2020.

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