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5 things we want to see in the new Doom

With a new Doom game on the horizon we can’t help but reflect on previous entries, specifically Doom 3.

Original XBOX Softmod Tutorial

Original XBOX Softmod Tutorial

A (hopefully) easy to understand and use tutorial for the Original XBOX.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Demo Impressions

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Demo Impressions

We take a look at the Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae demo on PlayStation 4.

Super Smash Bros. Melee – 20XX Tournament Edition coming August 2015

20XX Tournament Edition is a mod for Super Smash Bros. Melee that will load from a GameCube memory card. No console hacks required. It’s shaping up to be a quality mod so we have our eye on it.

Twisted Metal series – Best to Worst

Twisted Metal is known for popularizing the vehicular combat genre of video games. We list each game in the series from best to worst.

Star Fox 2 Box Art

An amazing piece of fan-made artwork by “Super Famicom Guy” for the classic unreleased game Star Fox 2.

Toejam and Earl 3 Beta

Toejam and Earl 3 Beta

Jeremy gives his impressions of the Toejam and Earl 3 beta for the Sega Dreamcast.

Hatred looks pretty good. People need to get off their high horse.

Hatred actually looks like a decent game yet people can’t look past it’s violent content.