Ghost Squad Review

I’m a big fan of light gun games and always appreciate when one from the arcades is ported to a console. I was never really interested in going to the arcades as a kid mostly because it would cost me money to play but every now and then I would end up in one and would always gravitate towards the light gun games. Prior to Ghost Squad being released on the Wii, I had never heard of it. I’m not entirely sure what was lost in translation to the Wii but I found it to be an enjoyable experience playing alone or with a friend and the Wii version can even support up to four players.


I don’t really know what the actual storyline of Ghost Squad is but I do know you need to take down bad guys and save the president. There’s only three missions and depending on what choices you make, each mission has branching paths. At the end of each mission is a boss and failure to eliminate the boss will result in a mission failure and you will still continue onward through the other missions. If you fail the mission you won’t level up in difficulty and you can’t unlock more paths and you’ll need to replay the mission until you can beat the boss. You’re scored based on performance and can even level up your character. Reaching certain levels unlocks different equipment like weapons and gear that you can equip your character with. These branching paths and unlocks are a nice touch but it would have been nice if a few more missions had been added because repeating the same three missions over and over will get repetitive quickly. The three environments are diverse enough and have you infiltrating a villa, inside an Air Force One plane, and battling through a jungle. All of the environments are fun to play through but with only three short missions, you may get sick of seeing the same environments over and over.


The gameplay in Ghost Squad is definitely fun to say the least and using the Wii Zapper or any gun peripheral will enhance the experience. The visuals look dated, the game isn’t widescreen, and the voice acting is pretty bad but these aren’t the reasons you would play a game like this. Pretending to shoot bad guys and feeling like a badass with your plastic gun is the reason you’ll want to play Ghost Squad. The motion controls work well and you have the option to calibrate them. Turning off the on-screen crosshair will grant you more points during missions. Throughout each mission you can come across power ups like first aid boxes, extended magazines, dot sights, and more which all need to be shot to be activated. Ghost Squad is on rails so you’ll move from spot to spot automatically. The only thing you need to worry about is aiming and shooting. The gameplay is very fast-paced and you need to be quick. You’ll need to detain hostages, take down helicopters, and even defuse bombs. You will also have to complete specific objectives within a certain time limit like taking down a boss or sniping enemies from afar.


Ghost Squad is a fun game but I can’t see it holding people’s attention for very long. It has tons of unlockable content and even a party mode but with only three short missions to play through, you may have no interest to go back and replay it. The game controls well as far as the motion controls go and even plays well but it fails to hold a candle to exceptional light gun games on the Wii like The House of the Dead: Overkill. It lacks any kind of widescreen support and looks dated. The arcade game was released in 2004 and it shows, even in the Wii version. However, what is here is a fun experience and the fun factor is enhanced when playing with friends.

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