5 things we want to see in the new Doom


1. Less scares

We feel Doom 3 is a great game but not a very good Doom game. To us, Doom means mowing down demons by any means necessary and not worrying about what’s around the next corner.

2. No more slapping

Enemies in Doom 3 look more menacing than they actually are. Imps will throw fireballs but if they get close to you they begin to scratch or hit, basically they just slap you. A lot of enemies will leap at and hit you. The annoying part is that’s all they do if they get close to you. Maybe if an imp could bite your head off, we would fear them a little more.

3. More gore

Blood, guts, gore. When we blast a demon in the face, point blank, with a shotgun, we expect it’s brains to be splattered all over the place. No more disappearing bodies would be cool, too. We want to see the carnage if we have to backtrack.

4. More metal

Doom, to us, has always been about blowing away demons to an awesome soundtrack. Nothing gets us more pumped than getting into combat with the forces of hell and an awesome heavy metal riff playing in the background. It might be cool to hear some remixes of some old tunes like the song from E1M1 in the original Doom.

5. Shoot it until it dies

The major bosses in Doom 3 were just a joke. Yes, we’re looking at you Guardian and Cyberdemon. Whoever came up with the idea of the soul cube deserves a reprimand. When we encounter a Cyberdemon, there’s only one way to take it down… shoot it until it dies.

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