Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Demo Impressions


For those of you that saw we recently did a video showing off the special demo of Final Fantasy XV. This demo is only available to you if you pre-ordered Final Fantasy Type-0. I’m just gonna say somethings about the game here since I didn’t get much chance during our Passes a Glance video.


First off this demo is pretty rough so somethings I may mention are likely to be tweaked and fixed for the full version of the game. The graphics in the demo are limited to 720pĀ and only 30fps. The developers said they wanted to get the game running at 1080p 60fps which would be nice and make an already amazing looking game look even better. The detail and scope that the demo showed off were great with a big lake, some woods to travel and even a full cave. Some nice touches such as the grass swaying in the wind and water rippling when walked in also the scale of things such as these large blue beasts that resided in the lake that covered most of the playing field.


The enemies in the demo seemed pretty limited though not much was to be expected there and I’m sure I’ll encounter many different creatures in the full game. As for the demo you will encounter many of these wolf like creatures some bison like enemies. There were giant monsters in the water that weren’t approachable you could see them move around and they got fairly close and they would growl at you but you couldn’t fight or take them down. There is a giant beast you can battle and he was tough. The big guy I fought at the end of our video he is basically the goal of the game.


I should probably detail the story here. The whole goal of Episode Duscae is Noctis and his groups car broke down during there road trip. They took the car to a nearby gas station where they encountered Cidney. Cidney looks at the car and determines the cost for the parts, but your tiny group doesn’t have nearly enough to cover the costs. The gang soon discovers a wanted poster for a behemoth named Deadeye that offers just enough gil to fix there car.


Noctis and his ragtag group of misfits love to talk. You will often here them banter about whats around them or what they are fighting. The things they say are varied enough that it doesn’t become annoying and at least a little entertaining. Noctis has a oddly deep and rasp voice just hearing him say “It’s bedtime.” sounds like something a murderer would say before killing his victim.

There is not much more left to say about the demo. The combat needs a little work though being a bit slow and clunky with my button presses not doing things sometimes. All in all it seems like its going to be a great game and I’m certainly looking forward to it.

If you want to hear Mike, Matt, and I yell and scream our way around the demo you can check out our Passes a Glance here.

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