Is Super Mario Maker missing elements crucial to level design?

When we saw Super Mario Maker in action during E3 2015 we couldn’t have been more excited. Designing and playing through user-created Mario levels sounds awesome and we can’t wait to see all the possibilities. However, are these possibilities limited? As we were watching the previews it was hard not to notice some missing elements that we feel should be included. Could these missing elements affect level design? That’s not to say we don’t expect to see some amazing user-created levels but we can’t help but feel that these missing elements will restrict the possibilities.

The levels can be designed and/or switched to any of the four Mario-themed styles; Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario World, and New Super Mario Bros. U. With that said, all sprites and character models will look like they did in their respective game. One cool feature is that all the enemies and elements will be available for all four styles. So elements that were in New Super Mario Bros. U will also be available in Super Mario Bros. 3. This means they would have had to design a sprite specifically for that enemy or object specifically for Super Mario Bros. 3 and the other games if it was missing from them, too. But this also raises some questions to some of the missing elements we noticed.

No slopes?

nsmbuslopeThis is probably the most questionable. Not once during any of the previews did we see slopes. Slopes seems crucial to level design. In Super Mario World, Mario can slide down slopes. Can’t they design sprites and models for slopes in each game and adjust the physics accordingly? Maybe in Super Mario Bros., Mario won’t slide but can simply walk down the slope.

Triangular block

 triangularblockSuper Mario World contains a “triangular block” which allows Mario to run up walls. This, too, seems to be missing. Can they not add this into the game and allow Mario to run up walls in each style?

Where are the other bosses?

smwbowserIt seems the only boss you can add to your levels is Bowser and Bowser Jr. Bowser was even redesigned for Super Mario World. No Reznor or Koopa Kids? I don’t see why they can’t implement these in each game. We also noticed other missing enemies like Big Boo and Boom Boom.

Amiibos only apply to the Super Mario Bros. style

amiiboSuper Mario Maker supports Amiibos. You can unlock them in-game or by using the figures. With that said, they act as power ups but can only be used in the Super Mario Bros. style. Why? They redesigned other elements for each style but not Amiibos? 50+ Amiibos and we can only use them in Super Mario Bros. Seems odd.

Circle of Boos have static faces

boosstaticfacesWe noticed Super Mario Maker included a circle of Boos for Mario to encounter. In Super Mario World each Boo in the circle had a different face with different expressions. For some reason, each Boo has the same static face. Why?

Some of these things are just nitpicks but others are questionable. Are there any plans for DLC? Are these missing elements really that hard to implement considering everything that is already included? We still expect Super Mario Maker to be an amazing game and I can’t wait to create and try out some awesome user-created levels.

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