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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is a repetitive grinder but can also be addictive and should keep you occupied for a very, very long time.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 for Xbox 360 Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 features improved and more satisfying combat but lacks the depth of its predecessor.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance for PC Review

Marvel Ultimate Alliance may sometimes feel like a repetitive button masher but it has just enough depth to keep things interesting.

Orcs Must Die! 2 Review

If you enjoyed the blend of action and tower defense in Orcs Must Die! then Orcs Must Die! 2 is a must play.

Orcs Must Die! for PC Review

Orcs Must Die! is a fun tower defense game that puts the player directly into the action.

Call of Duty: United Fronts Review

Call of Duty: United Fronts combines the vanilla game with the expansion and includes a ton of new missions. It’s a must play modification.

Call of Duty for PC Review

Call of Duty and its expansion offer a linear but explosive action-packed experience and it is still one of the best World War II shooters to date.

Laz Rojas’ WolfenDoom Review

WolfenDoom is a mod that brings Wolfenstein 3D into Doom and, as a result, the gameplay that is carried over benefits from the features of the newer engine.

DUSK for PC Review

Inspired by classic shooters from the 90’s, DUSK feels like a blast from the past but also feels unique on its own. It’s one hell of a game

Titanfall 2 for PC Review

Titanfall 2 is one of the most creative and exhilarating shooters of the eighth generation.