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Call of Duty 2 for PC Review

Call of Duty 2 is a solid shooter and sequel that delivers an action-packed experience and doesn’t require too much thinking.

Rogue Trooper for PC Review

Rogue Trooper is a well made third-person shooter that doesn’t offer many reasons to return. But it’s definitely worth playing at least once.

The Club for PC Review

The Club is a third-person shooter with a fun and addictive scoring system but without it, it would be very average.

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation for PC Review

Painkiller: Hell & Damnation is an odd remake and sequel and you’ll need all the DLC to get the most out of it.

Painkiller: Recurring Evil Review

Painkiller: Recurring evil is easily the best Painkiller installment since Overdose but is also a mostly forgettable experience.

Painkiller: Redemption Review

Painkiller: Redemption is a lazy expansion that lacks variety.

Painkiller: Resurrection Review

Painkiller: Resurrection is broken and poorly designed.

Painkiller: Overdose Review

Painkiller: Overdose could use more polish in some areas but, overall, it’s a worthwhile expansion.

Painkiller for PC Review

Painkiller is a timeless entry in the genre and has earned its place as a top tier shooter and should be recognized as such.

Just Cause 2 for PC Review

Just Cause 2 is pure fun. It might be repetitive but the action and destruction becomes addictive. Prepare to zone out for hours at a time.