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Resistance 3 Review

Resistance 3 is a solid shooter and remedies the introduced in the previous title but fails to exceed excitement of Fall of Man.

ToeJam & Earl Review

ToeJam & Earl is a unique, funky and fun game that’s best enjoyed with a buddy.

Conduit 2 Review

Conduit 2 is bigger and better than its predecessor but not that much bigger and not that much better. It never elevates above average.

Lost Planet 3 for PC Review

Lost Planet 3 is an above average third-person shooter with a decent narrative. It’s worth playing through at least once.

Lost Planet 2 for PC Review

Unless you have buddies to play with, Lost Planet 2 is a decent action game. It leaves a good first impression but quickly exposes its flaws.

Duke Nukem Forever for PC Review

Duke Nukem Forever may not be the worst game or shooter ever made but it’s certainly one of the worst sequels ever made.