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Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for PC Review

The improvements and changes made in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory make it one of the best games in the stealth genre.

Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow for PC Review

The refinements and additions in Pandora Tomorrow are not enough to save it from feeling too familiar but it’s still a fun time, overall.

Splinter Cell for PC Review

Splinter Cell is a solid stealth game only held back by its linearity.

Hitman III for PC Review

Hitman III is another amazing entry in the World of Assassination and if you include the DLC, it’s the ultimate Hitman experience.

Rogue Trooper for PC Review

Rogue Trooper is a well made third-person shooter that doesn’t offer many reasons to return. But it’s definitely worth playing at least once.

The Club for PC Review

The Club is a third-person shooter with a fun and addictive scoring system but without it, it would be very average.

Gears 5 for PC Review

Gears 5 introduces new ideas that don’t all reach their full potential but it’s enough to make the experience feel fresh.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City for PC Review

Not everything about Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has aged well but it remains an incredible sequel and amazing entry in the franchise.

Bayonetta 2 for Switch Review

Bayonetta 2 is just as sexy and stylish as the first game. It’s also a fast-paced action-packed romp that any fan of the genre should enjoy.

Stranglehold for PC Review

Stranglehold is the video game sequel to Hard Boiled and, for the most part, it successfully reflects the John Woo style of action.