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Building a racing wheel stand

A little while ago I ordered the Logitech Driving Force G27 racing wheel and it arrived earlier this week. It works great but I need something to mount it on. I have a cheap desk I used for mounting when playing console games and I was able to mount it to my PC desk for […]

Ordered the Logitech Driving Force G27 racing wheel

So I today I ordered the “Logitech Driving Force G27” racing wheel. Growing up I was never a fan of racing sims. I always did and still do enjoy arcade racers. However, I’ve recently started getting into racing sims. Last year I purchased Gran Turismo 6, my first GT game. I actually enjoy it. From […]

S-Video cable works with 64

A while ago I purchased the “Gameplay SNES / GameCube / N64 S-Video Audio AV Cable” but I didn’t try out until last night. I’ve been wanting to check out Turok 2: Seeds of Evil on 64 anyway so I figured this would be a good time to test out the cable. So I hooked […]