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Torchlight Complete

I had an issue recording Terminator 3: The Redemption and had to scrap everything but I still plan to┬áreplay and record it. It’s definitely better than that Terminator: Salvation garbage. Because I had to scrap it all I decided to start Torchlight last week and just finished recording my playthrough as a vanquisher today. That […]

Reviews and videos

As you know, we try and release “let’s play” videos daily. That will not change. Our video reviews seem to be successful for the most part but we have no schedule for how those will release. They release when we’re done. We plan to balance time between recording games we just play and recording games […]

Playing through Doom and others

Since Doom released I’ve done nothing but play that for days. It’s amazing. I’m recording my Nightmare run so you’ll have that to look forward to. I also got Uncharted 4 which I have yet to play. I’m not sure if I’ll record my first time or if I’ll play through it first. I still […]

New PC

Jeremy and I recently built a new PC. It’s a monster. I’m recording some games and working on some things so new content should be up soon.

Flying through space

In between recordings and editing I’ve been trying to play through the various shmups I have. I find them somewhat relaxing given how brutally difficult the genre can be. Any game I beat or record, I normally write up the review afterward so if I can beat any of these shmups, expect a review.

GP has acquired an XBOX One

Gaming Pastime has acquired an XBOX One. Most games this gen we play on PS4 and sometimes PC but this should be the start of some XBOX One game reviews and playthroughs.

Recording several games

We’re currently recording and editing several videos. We may take a break from Dark Souls. That game will take us a while anyway. We have started recording some other “GP sucks at” games to fill the void. We do plan to return to Dark Souls.

GP will be releasing videos at 60FPS

All testing successful. Gaming Pastime will soon be releasing videos at 60 fps.

Same shit

Dark Souls is taking up a lot of time. Recording and editing. But we’ve been playing other games on the side and have tons of videos ready for release. I, personally, have been writing reviews on here. The idea is I’ll record a game and then write up a review for it. So if you […]

Working on content

We’ve been hard at work playing, recording, and editing. We have finished up a few games and are working on editing and uploading. Same shit as always.